Preaching Social Justice

It was the third Sunday in September, 2014.  I proclaimed the Gospel, preached my homily at the 10:00 mass and sat down.  As I was sitting there reflecting, I realized that my homilies are very Catholic social justice orientated.  I thought about it and also realized that I was doing very little to live the same Gospel I was preaching to others.
That was a little unnerving to say the least. But it was true. I realized that I needed to do something about it.

That week I started by writing to all my legislators asking their support for a bill that was in Congress. I have continued a dialogue with one of my legislators on issues that support Catholic Social Teaching. I also realized that I needed to allocate some of our giving to help the truly poor of the world and made a donation to Food for the Poor. We are so blessed here in the United States that we give little thought to the parts of the world that really need the basics to support life. I ask God to help to live the Gospel first by my actions.

I do not know where this path will lead or what tasks God will ask me do, but I ask God to help me and guide me on my earthly journey so that I help those in the greatest need of the basic necessities to live.

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